12V 24-Key Infrared RGB LED Controller

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Working temperature: 20-60 ℃
Supply voltage: DC12V
0utput: 3 channels
Connecting mode: common anode
External dimension: L89.2XW70XH27.5 mm
Static power consumption: <1 W
Output current: <2 A (each channel)
Output power: <72W

This LED light controller uses 12V input power and has a 4 contact plug for a RGB strips. When installing just line up the marked arrows. You can choose between many different solid colors, solid white, flashing, strobing, adjust brightness, and on/off all from the wireless remote. This simple to used 24-key RF RGB controller is used to control our RGB flexible LED strips. It has 16 Static colors and 4 color changing modes. It also could adjust the brightness of the static color and change the speed of the color changing.

If the output connector of the RGB controller is removed, connect its wires as follows:

GREEN wire to RED on LED strip
RED wire to BLUE on LED strip
BLUE wire to GREEN on LED strip

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