16W Fiber Optic Lighting Engine with Remote Controller

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The 16 watt RGB Led illuminator produces a full spectrum of colors without the use of a color wheel. The illuminator produces no heat or electricity at the point of illumination, is controlled by remote control and plugs into a standard electrical outlet. The illuminator perfect for neon replacement, fiber optic star ceilings, solid core fiber or end point fiber. This illuminator will illuminate up to 50 foot of solid core fiber/side glow cable(up to 100 feet if two illuminators are used) and will hold up to 550 strands of .75 millimeter fibers.

Color control mode: Single color(Red ,Green,Blue,Yellow,White )& RGB Color
Easy Setup and Low Maintenance
Built-in multi-process, fully-automatic system intelligent protection.
Adopted import original light source 1w/3w/5w.Stable performance and long use life
Fiber Optic Light source applies the latest technologies of POF (Plastic Optic Fiber) and LED as the complex lighting device.
Not use the inverter circuit,provides easier light access and requires less technical job. No measurable heat at the lit point. No UV rays, no electricity, no explosion,moistureproof.
Driven by the DMX Light Control Box, the Fiber brings up light control from steady-on, flashing, fading ,glitter to lighting combination. The AC power adapter is included as a lighting kit for immediate setup.
Ideal for light pipe, decorative crystal light, step light, and museum light, and neon look lighting. All models are eco-friendly RoHS production.
Low-voltage DC power supply,it is safe for using.
Can choose the wireless remote control for the light source
Working voltage: AC 110V-240V,50/60Hz


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