2-Conductor Interconnector for 5050 SMD Driverless LED Rope Light Strip

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This interconnection cable allows you join 2 pieces of 120V AC 5050 SMD LED rope light strip. This is very useful when you have to go around corners or do bends. This connector has a 6.5 inch cable and 2 male connectors.

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Operating Voltage: 110V AC 
Max Power 650W
Size 6 Inches
Mostly used in Interconnection 2 pieces of Driverless LED strip 
IP Rating IP67 
Product Color White Cable with Hard silicone Connectors 
Working Temperature -20-140F 

The AC 110V LED rope strip can only be cut every 40 inches approximately, therefore once you cut the strip you have to remember the direction of the flow, which means that the strip can only be connected through one side. If you connect this adapter through the wrong side the AC strip will not light up.

How to install the install the interconnector:
1. Cut the Driverless AC 110 V LED rope strip only in the predefined cutting increments.
2. Apply waterproofing glue inside the connector so as to fill it up with glue. 
3. Connect one side of the interconnector cable to the end of the first strip and press firmly. Be aware that the inside prongs have to coincide with the 2 metal wires inside the rope.
4. Wipe any overflow of waterproofing glue with a piece of paper towel.
5. Repeat step 2 for the other side of the connector, but make sure you connect this end to the beginning of the second rope, not the end of the second rope, as the ropes will only light when the current flows in the correct 

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