30W RGB High Power Digital WS2811 Pixel Dot, Pack of 5

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An integrated WS2811 chip with external 30W high-power constant current sources, efficient heat dissipated by the Alu base and can be screwed onto a star heat sink if necessary. Pack of 5.

Supply voltage: 36V
Power consumption: max. 30W
Data format: RGB
Data transfer rate: 800kbps
Protocol: WS2811 compatible
Control board size: 42mm*45mm
Heatsink size: 40mm*55mm

Click here to check the datasheet of WS2811 Driver IC

With the WS2811 compatible digital dots, it is possible to set up ultra-bright applications that can also take on lighting tasks. An output of 30 watts per dot is now possible at certain points, and you can line up exactly as you are used to from LED strips. The power supply is 36V. All LED basic players suitable for WS2811/WS2812 can control this pixel dots.

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