32 x 32 NeoPixel WS2812B Digital LED Panel (Matrix), 300x300mm

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Dimension: 30cm*30cm
Pixels number: 32pixels*32pixels=1024pixels
Led number: 32*32=1024 WS2812B
Each led is a pixel
WS2812B Chip =5050 RGB SMD + WS2811 IC

This 32*32 Pixel display panel is a LED dot matrix display product witch is specially designed for the field of LED-Clothing, it has many advantages as follow: Small size, light weight, arbitrary curved, easy to carry, Low-voltage drive, green energy, high brightness, low power, long life. This digital flex LED matrix uses our Company’s advance Intelligent LED driver IC, WS2812B as the basic unit. 32 Pixels are placed each line, and there are 32 serial lines on each panel. The space between each pixel is 0.94cm. 

Pls also note that we also have 8*8 pixel , 16*16 pixel, and 8*32 pixel LED matrix. 

WS2812B is the development and new generation of product based on WS2812.It not only inherited all the good qualities of WS2812 but also improved the IC from mechanical arrangement outside to the structure inside, further enhance the stability and efficiency.  

 Click here to check the datasheet of WS2812B here

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