3 Channels RGB Signal Amplifier, 10A/CH, 5V-24V DC

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3 Channels RGB output, 10A/CH, total 30A.
Unlimited connection quantity theoretically, unlimited power output expansion.
A number of repeaters work together are always synchronous.
Accepts PWM control
Maximum length from controller to repeater can be 500meters.
Can control various single color and RGB modules with the common anode.

Mounting Options: Wall Mount, Other
Voltage: 5v-24v DC
Wattage: 10A/Ch
Power Rating Max Amps: 3Ch @ 10A/Ch 30A Max
Output Power: 150(5v) 360W (12V) 720W (24V)
Number Of Chanels: 3
Rated Amps/Ch: 10A
Output Connection Type: Screw Terminal Strip
Weight: 380g
Product Size: 110*90*25mm

The 3CH RGB Amplifier (power repeater) is suitable for all of our company's power-output style controllers' power expansion, it accepts PWM control, the control quantity of LED lights would be twice as much by adding one more power repeater, unlimited quantity of power repeater to be connected theoretically. 

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