4 Channel RGBW RGBA DMX512 Decoder, 8A/CH, 12-36V DC, Address Digital Display

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DMX512 compliant control interface, manual/automatic addressable and address shows via numerical digital
3-channel/4-channel output selectable, Max 8A per channel
Input & output Voltage: 12-36V
Load Current: 3/4×5A and 3/4×8A, 3/4/5×5A and 3/4/5×8A
Max Load Power: 3/4×60-180W and 3/4×96-288W and 3/4/5×60-180W, 3/4/5×96-288W
Load Type: 0.04-0.1W (regular LED)

Input voltage: 12-36V
Load Current: 3/4×5A and 3/4×8A,3/4/5×5A and 3/4/5×8A
Maximum load power: 4x(36-108W)
Operating temperature: -20 - +50 °C
Load Type :0.04-0 .1 W LED type

This is a constant voltage DMX512 decoder with 3 channel or 4 channel selectable, 8A per channel output and available in 12VDC, 24VDC and 36VDC output. The DMX512 decoder is designed with DMX512 compliant control interface, which enables users to set DMX address freely and shows the address on digital numeric display. It can drive any of our RGB Flexible strip lighting with the added advantage of driving a fourth channel of either white or amber.

Click here to check the detailed manual of this 8A/ch 4CH DMX512 decoder

Wiring diagram

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