4CH RGBW Signal Amplifier, 12-24V DC, 6A/CH

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4CH RGBW Signal Amplifier, 12-24V DC, 6A/CH

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This 4Ch RGBW amplifier is suitable for all kinds of constant voltage led controller. It can enlarge the led controller signal,and can receive the PWM(pulse width modulation) to output the signal ,then it can make the same effect with the controller.when add each additional amplifier, can connect and controlled twice more LED lights.theoretically , one controller can connector with thousands of this RGB amplifier, and can make the same effect.


Technical Parameters: 
Working temperature: -20-60℃
Input voltage: DC12~24V Optional
Output: 4 circuit
Connection mode: Common anode
Product’s size: L81×W64×H24mm
Net weight: 90g
Static power consumption: <1W
Output current: <6A/CH
Output power: 12V:<288W, 24V:<576W

Click here to check the detailed manual of this 4CH RGBW amplifier

This high-performance RGBW amplifier is designed for conventional PWM control type LED RGBW controller and RGBW strip light. It can meet various application needs because of its high power, big range and synchronous change when it is connected with the main controller in series. Built with 4 channel output (R, G, B, W), maximum load is 6 Amps per channel and 24 Amps in total. Adopting high current MOS output ensures the amplifier's high output power (up to 288W). It can also accept PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) signal and amplify RGBW signals using PWM dealing technology (technically, you can connect countless amplifiers into one circuit).

Kindly reminder:
1. Please do not connect wires with power on
2. Safety operating voltage of this product is DC 12~24 Volts, do not exceed the maximum voltage
3. Shorting circuit may cause damage to the amplifier
4. Always observe polarities when connecting wires
5. For indoor use only – this product is not waterproof or weatherproof


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