5 Channel LED Programmable time controller, Sunrise Sunset Schedule Timer Switch

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TC420/TC421 Wifi time controller with 5 channels of 4A. 24 hours schedule timer, perfect for sunrise effects, billboards or other time-controlled lighting. Setup via comprehensive software and sync via USB/wifi. Several time programs possible.

These LED Time / Timer LED controllers with extensive schedule timer for 5 channels. You can set the timers for 5 outputs:
For each timed channel the brightness of the light intensity. The LED time controller then plays the program with variable timed fade-in and fade-out transitions. You can create multiple programs for all 5 channels and upload it via USB to the LED timer controller.

It is suitable for both 12 and 24 volt power supplies and LED strips, 4 ampere per channel. Always choose a suitable power supply for this controller, depending on your LED strip configuration and power consumption.

With 5 LED timer channels, the possibilities are endless. You can connect, for example:
Five single color LED strips
An RGB color LED strip + 2 single-color LED strips (eg. Warm white and cool white)
An RGBW LED strip + a single color strip.

For example, with this LED timer / controller LED time you can make a perfect sunrise / sunset program for every season, with custom colors or sunset times per season.

Click here to check the detailed manual of TC420 Model

Click here to check the detailed manual of TC421 Wifi Model

Perfectly suitable as a timer LED timer controller for:
Aquarium LED strip timer
Terrarium clock lighting
Sunrise LED timer
LED timetable for plant lighting
LED growlight timer
LED timer for public spaces / hotel lobbies
LED Timer voor LED billboard lighting
Shedule timer LED facade lighting

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