5V Switching Power Supply, 10A/50W, 20A/100W, 30A/150W, 40A/200W, 60A/300W Available

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Switching Power Supply;110-220VAC input, 5V output, 10A/50W, 20A/100W, 30A/150W, 40A/200W, 60A/300W Available, CE and ROHS approved

DC Voltage: 5V
Voltage Tolerance: ±1%
Rated Current: 5A
Rated Power: 10A/50W, 20A/100W, 30A/150W, 40A/200W, 60A/300W
Input Voltage Range: 110-220V AC to 5V DC
AC Current: 3.2A/115 V 1.6A/ 230 V
Efficiency: 82%
Leakage Current:<3.5mA/240VAC

Over Voltage Protection: 115%~135%
Working Temperature & Humidity: -25℃~+45℃; 20%~90 %RH
Vibration: 10~500Hz, 2G 10min./1cycle, period for 60min, each along X.Y.Z axes
Withstand Voltage: I/P-O/P:3KVACI/P-FG: 1.5KVACO/P-FG: 0.5KVAC
Isolation Resistance: I/P-O/P, I/P-FG, O/P-FG:500VDC/100MΩ
Safety Standards: Design refer to UL1012, EN60950
EMC Standard: Design refer to EN55022, EN55024, EN61000, IEC1000-4-2, 3, 4, IEC1000-3-2

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