6 Channel LED Controller, 4A/Ch, DC 12-24V

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6 channel, 4A/ch output
Power-off memory
20kHz PWM output, flickerless
Digital displays the current channel and brightness level
Save your DIY color automatically
Over-current protection

Input voltage: 12 or 24 DC
Max load current: 4A*6channel
Output power: 288W(12V)/576W(24V)
Scale levels: 4096 level *6
Brightness level: 0-100/0-255
Dimension: L176*W46*H30(mm)

This Digital 6 Channel LED Controller is an easy-to-program LED controller for use with up to six channels of LED lighting. Power-off memory saves the specific values for each channel. This reduces configuration time and allows for a set-and-forget set-up. Equipped with six channels of output, you can utilize two RGB LED Strips or control up to six individual single-color LED strip light reels.

Click here to check the detailed use manual of this 6 channel controller

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