8x8 WS2812B Digital Intelligent RGB Flexible LED Matrix (Panel) , DC5V Input

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Dimension: 9cm*9cm
Pixels  number: 8pixels*8pixels=64pixels
Led number: 8*8=64 leds(5050 smd rgb)
Each led is a pixel
WS2812B Chip =5050 RGB SMD + WS2811 IC

These are awesome 8x8 individually addressable RGB matrix panels. Composed of 8 columns x 8 rows of WS2812B (WS2812/WS2811 protocol) individually addressable LEDs on a flexible PCB, these panels have 64 LEDs and they can be daisy-chained to make bigger signs or panels! The space between each pixel is 1cm. 

These WS2812B LEDs are a bit different than the standard WS2801 ICs, these do not use separate clock and data lines. Instead, the data line uses a protocol where a digital "1" is sent by raising the data line high and holding it, and a "0" sent by raising the line high briefly and then returning it to low. 

Pls also note that we also have the 8*32 pixel flexible LED matrix, and 16*16 pixel flexible LED matrix as well. 

Click here to check the datasheet of WS2812B here

And Click here to check the different between ws2812 and ws2812B

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