9 Watt Fiber Optic LED Illuminator with Remote Controller

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The nine watt Led fiber optic illuminator plugs right into a standard outlet and will hold up to 450 .75mm fiber optic strands. The illuminator comes with a tricolor 9 watt RGB high power Led which are used in star ceilings. The illuminator has a power switch on the back and it also comes with a DMX control that has the ability to turn the unit on and off and also start and stop the color. The dimensions are 7.7 inches long by 3.7 inches wide by 2.2 inches high.

How to connect optic plastic fiber  and l ight  source? 

1. If it is multi-string fiber optic, Peel off 50-60mm PVC protection cover and the Nylon wire in the center of the fiber before connecting the fiber with light source. please take care not to hurt the fiber optic. 
2. Insert the fiber optic harness into the circular fitting at the front 01 the light source. 
3. Enlace all the fiber with 130"C heat-resistant tape, cut the surface neatly and polish it with heat knife or hard scissors. Then polish the fiber cutting side with file or sand paper. Do not use any chemical solvent for cleaning the fiber. 
4.Assure the surface is vertical to the fiber, clean and smooth, to avoid decrease of the brightness or melt of the fiber string. 
5. Unscrew the waterproof connector, insert the fiber optic into the fixing flange until it closely adherence to the dustproof plate, then screw tightly the waterproof connector. 
6. Use the attached 'Alun' key to tighten the screw in the top of the black collar of the Mini Light source to lock the harness in position. 
7. Insert the whole fiber connector into the fiber fixing set, and then screw down the screw. 
8. Plug the light source into the mains power or 4-way gang plug and switch on at the back of the unit. 

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