DIY PC Backlight Simply with LED Strips

Who said DIY was not a girl thing? Today I would show you a girl could also did it, not only with just hands but also with her brain.

I was a night person. I liked playing computer games and watching movies at night. But my family was not happy about that. They thought there was not enough light which was bad for my eyes.

When I saw the pictures of DIY backlight at BBS, it occurred to me that I could do that. Though I was not an expert in DIY, I was a good pupil. And online shopping was what I did most recently. So I purchased a finished product to make my DIY dreams come true. That was a good start.

I needed a USB-powered LED strip to backlight my monitor. Or it would look very ugly when extra wires were exposed.

There were almost thousands of kinds, and it took me a whole afternoon to pick one. Sometimes, too many choices meant no choices.

My monitor maybe was not the prettiest one, but I was sure it was the most easy-to-do one. It had 4 USB sockets aside. There was only one step for me to DIY the backlight, plugging it in the socket. It was just that simple. And the LED strip could be placed at the back of monitor.

I always wondered in which situation the LED strips would work better, the monitor against glass or against wall. So this time, I would like to try both.

1. against the glass: Only after turning off all the lamps, could we tell whether the strips works. It was not obvious at all. And my family would definitely not agree on this.

Let’s turn to the side view, still less than satisfactory.

2. Against the wall: wasn’t it much better? The light was soft and non-glaring.

LED lights and my favorite LED keyboard shone on each other and benefit each other.

From the 4 pictures above we could tell the monitor worked best when LED on and lamps off.

But the easiest way to tell in which situation it worked best was reading novels online. It was always in the same brightness. When the lamps were off, it didn’t bother me any more to play computer games. And it was pretty easy: shopping on the internet, plugging it into the socket and choosing reflection background.