10W CREE Dual Port Color Wheel LED Fiber Optic Illuminator w/ Remote

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Dual Head LED Illuminator (Two 5 Watt LEDs) 
12VDC transformer with US Plug.
White twinkle wheel, 6 Color Wheel, 6 Color Twinkle Wheel optional
Remote control with on/off, start/stop wheel and up/down dim 8 levels.
Holds 400 .75mm strands per port. 

Power consumption: 12 Watts
White twinkle wheel, 6 Color Wheel, 6 Color Twinkle Wheel optional
(Optional) Color Wheel or Color Twinkle Wheel Colors: White, Sky-Blue, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple
Light Source: Two 5 Watts LEDs
Estimated Life of LEDs: 50000 hours
Fiber Quantity: 400 pcs at 0.75mm fiber per port
Size: L125 x W103 x H 80mm ( L 4.92 in x 4.05 in x 3.15 in)
Net weight of Light Engine: 0.6 Kg (1.4 lbs)

Click here to check the detailed manual of this dual port dimmable LED illuminator 

How to Install to Fiber Optic Cables:  
1. Cut the fiber to the specified length.
2. Peel off 4-10 cm of protection over of the fiber optic. (If there is no protection cover or “jacket” then there is no need peel of any fiber optic cable.) 
3. Collect all the fibers into one bundle. Then wrap all the fiber at 10cm from the fiber end with electrical tape. Insert the wrapped fiber optic cables into the light engine’s connector and screw the waterproof connector tightly. Cut the fiber optic smoothly along with light engine’s connector with a hot knife.
4. Insert the whole light engine connector into the fiber fixing set.

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