Sparklet Side Glow Fiber Optic Cable, Sold by Spool

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If you would like to make your own fiber optic curtains or fiber optic chandeliers we are now selling spools of fiber optic sparkle fiber. The nicked fiber optic cable gives a very distinct lighting effect.

Encased in a flexible clear UV stabilized PVC jacket for side lighting applications.
The etched technology creates bright points to be brilliantly visible with a low amount of light diffusion which allows Fibers to maintain a uniform brightness along entire cable length.
Distinctive twinkle effect unlike any others on the market.
Neon-like, uniform illumination through the length of the cable.
Remote lighting with no electricity, heat, UV, and infrared.
Elegant and dynamic color change of illumination.
Each 0.75/1.0mm diameter plastic fiber strand is made from proprietary high grade PMMA-based compound that is extremely durable and flexible.
Untwisted (parallel) multistrand fibers provide more flexibility and longer uniform light transmission without hot spots than twisted fibers.

The sparklet side light fiber can be consisted by 1 or several strings of sparkle fiber,outer coat a clear PVC jacket to protect inner fiber well,it mostly used at fiber optic curtain,fiber optic chandelier or others,below are our standard models:

Fiber Qty
Outer Dia
Roll Lenth Jacket
SSOF-0.75 1x0.75mm
2700m No
SSOF-1.0 1x1.0mm
1500m No
SSOF-1*0.75 1x0.75mm
2700m clear PVC
SSOF-1*1.0 1x1.0mm
1500m clear PVC
SSOF-3*0.75 3x0.75mm
900m clear PVC
SSOF-3*1.0 3x1.0mm
750m clear PVC
450m clear PVC


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