HC201S SD Card Controller for WS2811/WS2812B Digital LED Strips, AC 85-265V

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Specifically designed for WS2811 series (WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B) LED strip/pixels.
Supports LEDs formed as single points, lines, or areas, as well as regular and irregular shapes.
Input voltage at AC 85V – 265V.
Maximum of 2048 pixels per controller.
Supports off-network play: single controller or synchronous multiple controllers in parallel.
Package Included: 1x HC201S Controller, 1x 128MB SD Card 

Function of connectors corresponding to printed labels:
AC 85-265V: Input power for controller
DATA: Data line(s)
GND: Ground
SYS-A: When multiple controllers are used synchronously in parallel, connect all SYS-A together
SYS-B: When multiple controllers are used synchronously in parallel, connect all SYS-B together
SPEED: 9 levels of speed (1-9), set via +/-. First digit of LED display shows speed
MODE: File to play from SD card, set via +/-. 0 indicates playing all files sequentially
POWER: Power-on indicator
ERROR: Indicates error in reading data file
SD CARD: SD card slot

Storage card:
Type: SD Card
Capacity: Max capacity = 2GB, min size = 128MB
Format: FAT32
File type/extension: .lg
Operating Voltage: AC 85V-265V
Power: 0.5W

When fewer than 512 pixels are connected to each controller, play speed is up to 50 frames per second. When pixel size is above 512, play speed decreases as pixel size increases. (For reference: With a pixel size of 512, max speed is 52 fps and min speed is 23 fps; when pixel size = 1024, max speed is 28 fps and min speed is 15 fps; when pixel size = 1536, max speed is 17 fps; when pixel size = 2048, max speed is 13 fps.)

Illustration for single controller: 
Single SD card (off-network play); Single-wire output; Maximum of 2048 pixels can be controlled; Shows can be edited; Two lines are connected to LED equipment – DATA and GND.

Synchronous Multiple Controllers in Parallel:
Played via SD cards (off-network). Each controller has an SD card with corresponding files to play. Files are generated via software. Only one of the controllers is the master controller, as determined by the file on its SD card. The rest are slave controllers. When the distance between two controllers is more than 150 meters, signal needs to be amplified. All SD cards used in multiple controllers need to have the same capacity. Two lines are connected to LED equipment – DATA and GND. Synchronization lines of the same type need to be tied together on all machines. (SYS-A, SYS-B).

1. SD cards need to be formatted as FAT32 before files are copied.
2. SD cards are not hot-swappable. Before inserting or removing SD cards, power needs to be turned off on all controllers.

Meaning of indicator lights on controller:
Power: Indicates whether power is on. Light is stably lit when power is on.
Error: Under normal operating conditions, this light will be lit for one second when power is first turned on. Then it will turn off by itself.

Possible error conditions:
Error light is stably lit: Possibly no SD card is present; or SD card is formatted incorrectly (correct format is FAT32); or card reader is broken.
Error light is flashing: Possibly no file is found in SD card; or there is error in files.   



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