12V 35W/55W CANBUS PRO HID Xenon Replacement Error Free AC Ballast

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Canbus ballast(9-32V) is designed to fix nearly all Canbus problems in newer cars. Some vehicles will display a "headlight out" warning light on the dash board to indicate a burnt out bulb when installing aftermarket HID. With 4400ML Filter Capacitors inside + Electronic Circuit Inductance this ballast provides the ability to solve the Canbus problems.

Lifetime: >= 3,200 hours 
Input voltage (V): 9V-32V DC (35W Type), 9V-16V DC (55W Type)
Current (I): 3.2A, max 5.0A
Power (P): 35W, 55W
Short-circuit protection 
Operating Temperature: -40C to +105C 
Weight: 0.35kg
Dimensions: 4-1/4" length x 2-5/8" width x 1" height

Having tested numerous kits on various modern cars, uniquely, Canbus-Pro Slim is one of the perfect ballast tested that works computer error free with no exception till now.

With built in micro-processors, Canbus-Pro boasts the most advanced, sophisticated slim digital ballasts that are compatible with the latest smart canbus systems.
Superior to most other HID kits, the xenon light produced from a Canbus Pro. Ballast is very impressive, assembled with powerful burners the light output is extremely bright & effective.

This ballast is suitable for all BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Saab and most other cars with or without canbus systems. Especially for & BMW Series 3(E46/E90), Audi A3(2001-2003), Autdi A4(1999-2003), Mercedes(2004-2009), Volvo S40/S60/S80 & V70 whereas other ballasts fail.

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