K-1000C SD Card SPI Controller for Digital RGB/RGBW LED Strips, 5V-24V Input

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It supports all the smart IC on the market . Including WS2812B,WS2811,WS2813,SK9822,SK6812RGBW,APA102C,WS2801,etc . All the dual data led chip , data and clock led chip,single data led chip. It is suitable for engineering projects or customers’ DIY project .Support SD card 128MB-32GB. Install LEDEDIT software on window computer.

The K-1000C is the successor to the T-1000S Controllers and additionally supports various RGBW LED drivers (4 channels). He also has a display.

The K-1000C controller can drive a maximum of 2,048 RGB LED pixels. Up to 512 pixels can be controlled with a frame rate of 30fps. If more than 512 pixels are connected to the controller, the controller automatically shuts down the frame rate.

The programs are created with the freely available software LEDEdit (as of version 2018) on the computer and then stored on SD card.

The programs stored on the SD card can then be selected by means of buttons on the K-1000C controller and changed in speed. An SD card can store up to 32 programs.

Click here to check the manual of this K-1000C SD card digital LED strip controller 

Click here to download the latest LED editor software and its operating manual 

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