K-4000CK SD Card SPI Pixel Controller, 4 Ports, 4096 Pixels, 5V-24V

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Upgraded version of T-4000, SD card off-line
32-65536 Gray,Support software Gamma correction.
Support point, line, surface, rules and special-shaped handle.
Four-port output,each can support 1024 pixels.
Off-line(SD Card) control, play back content stored in the SD card.
K-4000CK store a maximum of 16 programs,copy multiple files to the SD card in order.
The program must be named in orders . Ex. :00_1.led, 01_1.led, 02_1.led.
Compatible with single line or double line chips.

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Support chips(PC Software Select K-8000-RGB)
00: UCS1903,1909,1912, 2903, 2904, 2909,2912; TM1803,1804,1809,1812;
SM16703, 16709,16712; WS2811, WS2812, WS2813, WS2815, WS2818;
INK1003; LX3203,1603,1103; GS8205,8206; SK6812(Support up to 1024*4=4096 pixels)
01: SM16716,16726(Support up to 1024*4=4096 pixels)
02: P9813(Support up to 1024*4=4096 pixels)
03: LPD6803(Support up to 1024*4=4096 pixels)
04: LX1003,1203(Support up to 1024*4=4096 pixels)
05: WS2801(Support up to 1024*4=4096 pixels)
06: LPD1886(Support up to 1024*4=4096 pixels)
07: TM1913(Support up to 1024*4=4096 pixels)
08: TM1914(Support up to 1024*4=4096 pixels)
09: P9883,P9823(Support up to 1024*4=4096 pixels)
10: DMX(support up to 512*4=2048 pixels, suggest to support ≤320*4=1280 pixels)
11: DMX 500K(support up to 512*4=2048 pixels, suggest to support ≤320*4=1280 pixels)
12: DMX 250K-CZF(support up to 512*4=2048 pixels, suggest to support ≤320*4=1280 pixels)
13: DMX 250K-CZF (support up to 512*4=2048 pixels, suggest to support ≤320*4=1280 pixels)

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