K-8000C 8 Ports SD Card LED Pixel Controller for SPI/DMX RGB/RGBW Strips

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32 to 65536 degree Gray control, Gamma correction procession handle.
Support various point, line light source, and all kinds of rules and specific shaped handle.
The controller has eight ports output, each port can support up to 512/1024 lights(DMX lights can support up to 512 pixels).
The playback content stored in SD card, the SD card can store up to 32 files, SD card capacity supports 128MB-32GB.
Support load lamp is 4 channels (RGBW) pixels, or split into single channel point pixels.
Enhanced 485 TTL and 485 differential (DMX) signal output.

The K-8000c controller is used for control of our our digital LED Strips and pixels.

The K-8000c is the great brother to the K-1000C Controller and additionally supports various RGBW LED drivers (4 channels). He also has a display.

The K-8000C controller can drive a maximum of 8,192 RGB LED pixels (1024 pixels at each of the 8 ports). Up to 512 pixels can be controlled with a frame rate of 30fps. If more than 512 pixels are connected to the controller, the controller automatically shuts down the frame rate.

The programs stored on the SD card can then be selected by means of buttons on the K-8000C controller and changed in speed. An SD card can store up to 32 programs.

Check the detailed instructions K-8000C controller here 

Click here to download the latest LED editor software and its operating manual 

Support chips (PC Software Select K-8000-RGB)
00: UCS1903,1909,1912,2903,2904, 2909,2912; TM1803,1804,1809,1812; 
SM16703, 16709,16712; WS2811; INK1003; LX3203,1603,1103; GS8205,
8206; SK6812(Support up to 1024*8=8192 pixels)
01: SM16716,16726(Support up to 1024*8=8192 pixels)
02: P9813(Support up to 1024*8=8192 pixels)
03: LPD6803(Support up to 1024*8=8192 pixels)
04: LX1003,1203(Support up to 1024*8=8192 pixels)
05: WS2801(Support up to 1024*8=8192 pixels)
06: LPD1886(Support up to 1024*8=8192 pixels)
07: TM1913(Support up to 1024*8=8192 pixels)
08: TM1914(Support up to 1024*8=8192 pixels)
09: P9883,P9823(Support up to 1024*8=8192 pixels)
10: DMX(Support up to 512*8=4096 pixels, suggest to support ≤320*8=2560 pixels)
11: DMX 500K(Support up to 512*8=4096 pixels, suggest to support ≤320*8=2560 pixels)
12: DMX 250K-CZF (Support up to 512*8=4096 pixels, suggest to support ≤320*8=2560 pixels)
13: DMX 250K-CZF (Support up to 512*8=4096 pixels, suggest to support ≤320*8=2560 pixels)
1. If support RGBW four channels’ lights should select K-8000-RGBW.
2. If support single channel light should choose K-8000-W, at this time, one channel means one pixel, the software effect make as white lighting.

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