Ultra Slim 5 Ch Mini Signal Amplifier for RGB+Tunable strips

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It applies to all the constant voltage 5 ch RGBWW LED controllers. It can receives PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal. Add one more amplifier, the number of led, which can be controlled by the controller will add one unit more. In theory, numerous RGBWW amplifiers can be connected.

Working Voltage: DC 5-24V
Channels: 5 Channels
Working Temperature: -4°F ~ +140°F
Working Current: 15A (3A per channel)
Watt: 5VDC-75W, 12VDC-180W, 24VDC-360W
Connection mode: Common Anode (+)

It extends the RGBWW Signal (PWM) emitted by a 5 channel RGBWW Controller when its Load capability was exceeded. It lets you add more light to your 5 ch Controller and control those extra lights with the same Controller. When you add an Amplifier, you can connect more than double of LED lights to the same Controller. This is normally used for RGBW+tunable LED strips, but also you can use it for monochromatic/simple color LEDs (connecting each color on each channel). Each Amplifier requires 5/12/24V DC Power Supply. Multiple Amplifiers can be used in a daisy chain.

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