Mini Infrared PIR Motion Sensor On/Off Switch w/ Built-in Timer, 12V / 24V 6A

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Automatically turns on your 12V/24V LED lights when a thermal difference is detected in 8 meters, ex. people or animals passing by.
Automatically turns off the lights after no motion is detected in 1-10 minutes (set by manual).
Induction range: 8 meters, 60° from center of sensor
Working voltage DC 12V / 24V, max load current 6A, output power 72W.

Input voltage: DC 12V - 24V
Output voltage: DC 12V - 24V
Max load current: 6A
Output power: 72W
Induction range: in 8 meters, 60° from center of sensor
Delay time: 1 - 10 minutes set by manual
Dimensions: 76 * 45 * 34mm / 2.99 * 1.77 * 1.33"

The motion detector is very easy to install between a LED strip and a power supply. It is also possible to connect the motion sensor between your power supply and your LED controller. You can conveniently to let the light auto on/off. The switch can detect human body's infrared , and use infrared to control the load.

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