R4-CC 2.4G Wireless Constant Current WiFi Receiver

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The R4-CC can be used in conjunction with the WIFI-104 controller to add additional dimming zones with a constant current 350/700/1050mA output. it has four outputs for RGBW control, and can be placed up to 30 meters in an open environment from the specified controller. Ceilings, walls, and any other line-of-sight obstacles can reduce this range.

Working Frequency: 2.4GHz
Input voltage: DC12V-DC48V
Output voltage: DC3V-DC46V
Output current: 350mA/700mA/1050mAx4CH (3 in 1)
Output power: 1.05W-48.3Wx4CH, Max 193.2W
Remote Distance: 30 Meter
Working temperature: -30C to 55C
Dimensions: L175mm x W44mm x H30mm

The LED Receiver R4-CC can be used in combination with Wifi-104, DX8 controller for larger commercial installations. It has 4 Constant Current outputs 350mA/700mA/1050mA and can be placed 30 meters from the DX8. And up to 50 meters from the WiFi-104. Keep in mind the range will be reduced with walls and other obstacles. The driver is suitable for single colour/CT/RGB & RGBW control. 

Connection Diagram (work with DX8 controller):

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