RGB Color Changing Controller - Touch Wheel Remote

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Working temperature: -20-60℃
Frequency: 433MHz
Input voltage: 12 and 24V DC
Output: 3 channels
Connection mode: common anode
Static power consumption: <1W
Output current: 3A (each channel)
Output power: 12V:<108W, 24V:<216W

This product is a novel LED controller developed by our company which can realize multistage touch dimmer. Adopting advanced touch design, through the touch remote way, realize flexible control. Touch remote has great performance and simplicity. It can change the colour, the pattern and the variation rate choice, and adjust the light, when the change suspends the light can be adjusted and so on. The whole control panel is touching method, no machinery wears which is good for the control's life. The user only needs to touch the key for the wireless control. This product suit for LED flexible strip, LED light bar, LED wall washer, LED module, glass curtain wall light and so on.
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