RGBW 4CH RF LED Controller, DC5-24V, 5A/CH

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7 Preset colours, 6 bespoke colours
2 colour jumping modes - speed adjustable
2 colour smooth fading modes - speed adjustable
Receiver can learn the ID of a remote control
Max power output 240W
Can control up to 17m of our 12v RGBW LED strips
Radio remote doesn’t need to be in ‘line of site’ of receiver
Remote works up to 20m from receiver

Each receiver can be paired with a remote control. To learn a new ID simply press the learn button (quick press) on the receiver, then any button on a remote. The receiver is then matched to that remote control. To cancel an ID press the learn button for 5 seconds.

The remote has 6 preset colours including white light, another 7 bespoke colours can be made by the user and stored on the remote. Pressing the dimmer button dims the RGB part of the LED strip. White LED's are controlled using the "W" button, a quick press turns them on/off, hold "W" down and the white LED's dim/brighten. The remote can also turn the lights on/off. It operates via radio frequency so the remote can control the LED strip up to 20m away and doesn’t need to be in ‘line of sight’ - the receiver can be hidden in cupboards or behind walls etc.

The controller can control a total of 240 Watts of LED Strip running at 12V or 480 Watts of LED Strip running at 24V. We recommend that the receiver can control up to 17m of our 12V/24V RGBW LED Strip.

Each 5 metres of LED strip must be connected in parallel with the colour controller not in series. If additional LED strip needs to be powered exceeding the above limits the introduction of an RGBW amplifier coupled with a power supply is required. An infinite amount of LED strip can be added to the circuit when using amplifiers.

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