SD Card LED Offine and Online Integration Controller, Support LPD6803/WS2801/DMX512 IC

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This SD Card LED Offine and Online Integration Controller supports 2 ,3, 4 wire,For example:LPD6803、WS2801、DMX512 chips and protocols.User can make the patterns through the Onumen software(EditPlayerV2.1.0)to stocked in SD card,then insert the SD card to the controller, which automatically SD card storage pattern. 256 gray level,GAMMA adjustment

Ability of port drive: No differential signaling Can directly drive the cable of 100 meters and above, the maximum can reach up to 280 meters.
Support SD card: Yes
Channels: 8
DMX512: 4096
LPD6803: 8192
Support LAN online: Yes
Support multi-controller in parallel connection: Yes
The maximum pixels for multi-controller in parallel connection: 130,000
Feature: Controller online in Ethernet

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