Single Channel LED DMX Decoder, 25A/CH, 12-24V

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12 - 24V DC operation
1 channel for single color output, maximum current up to 25A
Can be used alone as a normal single color dimmer, with 9 modes in total.
With 7.8KHz PWM frequency, it allows for 0-255 fluid dimming steps with no visible distortion

DMX Type: DMX 512
DC Power: 12 - 24VDC, 25A x 1CH
Watts: 12VDC: 300W 24VDC: 600W
Refresh Rate: 7.8KHz
Output gray: 256 levels
Operating Temp: -4°~140°F
Dimensions: 5.0" x 1.65" x 1.30"H

The high PWM frequency of 7.8KHz allows for 0-255 fluid dimming steps with no visible distortion, perfect for HD filming. Each decoder has a set of 10 dip switches for setting your DMX address and also for test functions when no DMX signal is present. An impressive 25 amps output by one channel allows you to control up to 300W of 12VDC single color LED lighting or 600W of 24VDC monochrome LED Lighting. Simple screw down connectors make it easy to install your 12-24VDC input, LED output, as well as DMX connection using a small screw driver.

Connection Diagram:

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