Single Color Flex LED Strip Kit, Knob Dimmer and Power Supply Included

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This single LED strip kit Includes one 5m (16.4ft)  single color LED strip, 1 pcs Knob dimmer and 1 pcs 12VDC power supply. 

Cuttable and linkable – mix and match lengths and sizes to your choosing.
Easy installation – peel off paper on back of LED strip and stick to clean, flat surface.
Flexible – fits just about any space you can imagine.3M double sided tape on back of LED strip.
Eco friendly – uses very little energy, without harmful radiations.

How to Wire the LED strip: 

1. Unroll LED strip completely.
2. Connect wires on one end of LED strip to OUT port of dimmer – RED to V+, BLACK to V-.
3. Only one end of the LED strip needs to be connected.  If other end of the LED strip has wires, they must be isolated – use electrical tape to wrap each wire end.
4. If power supply output cable has a 5mm jack, it needs to be removed; wires inside the cable will be used.
5. Connect wires from the power supply to IN port of dimmer – RED to V+, WHITE to V-.


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