SK6812 3535 RGB Mini Digital Circle PCB with Heatsink, 8mm Diameter, DC5V, Sheet of 154

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Each sanp-apart sheet comes with 154 A-quality SK6812 Mini 3535 RGB LEDs 5050 LED. Mini PCB is roughly circuiar in shape with diameter of around 8mm. Dimensions can vary slightly (+/- 1mm) depending on the PCB assembler. Pls also note we have pre-soldered of these SK6812 3535 RGB mini circle PCB.

SK6812 is a set of smart control circuit and a light emitting circuit in one of the controlled LED source. Pixels contained within the intelligent digital interface data latch signal shaping amplification circuit, power supply circuit, a built-in constant current circuit, high precision RC oscillator, the output is driven by the patented PWM technology, effectively guarantee the pixels in the color of the light high consistency.

These smart LEDs are the most compact way possible to integrate multiple bright LEDs to a design. The driver chip is inside the LED and has ~18mA constant current drive so the color will be very consistent even if the voltage varies, and no external choke resistors are required making your design minimal. Each LED has an integrated driver that allows you to control the color and brightness of each LED independently. Their color and brightness are largely independent of its supply voltage from 3.5 V and 5 V, meaning that voltage drops caused by the resistance in long power connections are less likely to have a visible effect. Since the protocol is very sensitive to timing, it requires a real-time microcontroller such as an AVR, Arduino, PIC, mbed, etc.

Click here to check the datasheet of SK6812 Mini 3535 RGB LEDs with Integrated Driver Chip

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