SK9822 Digital Addressable RGB LED Strip, 60 LED/m, 4m, 5V DC

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This LED strip has a length of 4 m and contains 240 SK9822 RGB LEDs, with a 4-pin JST SM connector on each end, 5V DC input. Each LED can be cut.
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Input voltage: DC5V
Max current draw : 60mA per RGB LED
IC Model: SK9822
LED Qty: 60 LEDs/M 
FPC width: 10mm
Length: 4 meter a roll
Light source: Epistar 5050 SMD LEDs
Beam angle: ~120°
LED Brightness: Red ~600mcd, Green ~500mcd, Blue ~150mcd
Protection rateļ¼šNon-waterproof  or IP67 waterproof (sealed in silicone tube)
FPCB color: BLACK 

Click here to check the datasheet of SK9822

Besides this 60 LEDs/M version of SK9822 strips, we have 144 LED/m density version as well. 

Similar to APA102 LED strip, the SK9822 led strip has 2 wires for sending data - one clock pin and one data pin. That means you need two pins, not one, to control strip. Because the clock and data is seperated, you can use any processor speed or type to control these strips. You can use any microcontroller or microprocessor, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Propeller, SparkCore, and any 'raw' microcontrollers/microprocessors to control the strip. 

This strip comes as a single full meter with a 4-pin JST SM connector on each end. Every LED segment can be cut. Solder to the 0.1" copper pads and you're good to can also connect strips together to make them longer. To power this strip, you need 5V power supply.  

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