End Glow Solid Core Fiber Optic Cable, Sold by Spool

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Solid core end emitting fibre cable consists of a PMMA polymer fibre core surrounded by a UV stablized protective sheathing for mechanical protection. Cables are normally attached to a fibre optic end emitting fixtures or are used for decorative applications such as fibre optic star ceilings. 100 meters a spool, and sold by spool.

The core the fiber is made from a flexible polymerised gel. The gel is clad in an outer layer of Teflon. Jacketing with clear PVC on the basis of common solid core side light, it is becoming PVC solid core side light optic fiber. By jacketing with 2mm black PVC sheath, it is PVC solid core end light, the lighting of the end of the optic fiber will be more brightness. It is a rugged, non-conductive, water resistant, bendable, monofilament cable. Solid core fiber is wide used in architectural and signage lighting for neon replacement, cove lighting, accent lighting, landscape lighting, pool and fountain lighting. With the expansion of the scope of application, we can see it be used in daily life, such as LED shoelace, LED pet necklace etc.

Inner dia.   (mm)
Outer dia.(mm)
Spool Length (m/RL)
Cladding Material TypicalAttenuation(dB) Minimun BendingRadius
2mm 3mm
Black PVC
<0.25dB/m 18mm
2.5mm 4mm
Black PVC
<0.25dB/m 24mm
4mm 5mm
Black PVC
<0.25dB/m 30mm
6mm 8.8mm
Black PVC
<0.25dB/m 54mm
8mm 10mm
Black PVC
<0.25dB/m 60mm
10mm 13mm 100m Black PVC <0.25dB/m 78mm
Black PVC
<0.25dB/m 104mm


Large Core End Lit Fiber - How it works:

Large core end lit fiber works in same manner as traditional optical fiber and offers some advantages over some traditional fiber optic designs.

There are physical limitations associated with traditional plastic and glass fibers; both must be made in small diameters to maintain flexibility. Therefore, these fibers are gathered in “bunches” to make larger working diameters. Because large core fibers use a single large core, they do a better job coupling light from large focal spot devices. (See illustration below)

A single large solid core fiber transmits light over the area shown in pink.
The same diameter fiber, made by bundling smaller fibers, transmits less light. The spaces formed by individual fiber strands do not transmit energy. Typical loss from this arrangement is about 12% on average. Furthermore,cladding surrounding every fiber (in yellow) does not transmit light. cladding makes up about 17% of the area. The two losses are considerable (27% when combined).


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