TM1809 LED Rigid Bar Kit with TH2010-X Remote Controller and Power Supply

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1m long DC12V TM1809 led rigid bar(30leds each piece)+1pcs RF controller+1pcs 12V/6A power supply

TH2010-X Controller Menu Setting:

1. According to "wiring diagram”, connect the controller with the strip to power-on (After power-on, it is a normal phenomenon if the strip is not bright. You have to set the controller through below steps)

2. Power off through pressing "on / off" button when it is in on state (can set the menu when off state).

3. Press "-"、"+" "Mode/Speed" three key for one time at the same time, it is a normal phenomenon when the digital tube display nothing. then press” Mode/Speed", inter to menu setting interface. 

4. The first interface is controller "high-speed、low speed setting", the digital tube shows "P-HI" or "P-LO", press "-" and "+" button to choose.(If the strip IC is high-speed model, please choose "P-HI"; and if Low-speed, choose "P-LO”) 

5. press "Mode/Speed" ,inter to the second interface” control point setting”, then there are 4 numbers on the digital tube shows the larger of the control point."-" and "+" button is used to increase or decrease control points (Long press can adjust quickly) 

6. press "Mode/Speed", inter to the third interface "Master-control and Sub-control setting” and now the digital tube shows "F-Sr" or "F-Ct", press "-" and "+" to choose(if Master-control, choose "F-Sr" and Sub-control setting, choose "F-Ct"),if single  machine don’t need Cascade Sync connection, suggest to choose "F-Ct". 

7. Press "Mode/Speed", inter to the forth interface "Play menu settings", and now the digital tube shows"00-H"which means the 00 effect is allowed playing, press "Model/Speed" to switch to play or non-play, the digital tube shows"00-L" which means the 00 effect is prohibited playing. Press "-" and "+" to set the other effects. 

8. Finally, press “on/off” to save the changes. 

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