Mini RGBW Wifi Network LED Controller with Music To Light Sync - For Android & iOS

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all in one App based unit for Android and iOS devices to control various LED strip lights. 
16.7 Million colours to choose from (RGBW)
Scene Modes - Save your favourite colours as a scene.
Timer Mode - Time your lights to come on whenever you want
Music Mode - Lights play in time to music
Wireless distance of upto 100 Metres (depending on internet connection)

Input Power: 12 - 24VDC
Output Power: 3A x 4CH
Maximum Watts: 144W@12VDC, 288W@24VDC
Input Connection: 2 Wire (+/-)
Output Connection: 5 Wire RGBW(+)
Rating: Indoor
Operating Temp: -22° ~ 131°F
Static Color Choices: 16 Million
Color Changing Modes: 7 Pre-programmed, 9 DIY Modes
Dimensions: 4.92"L x 1.30"W x 0.79"H

Click here to check the detailed manual of this Mini RGBW Wifi Network LED Controller

The WIFI-101 4-channel LED controller/driver can be used as an LED dimmer, CCT & RGBW controller along with time switch and music function. the user can control 12-24VDC RGBW, RGBWW, RGB, and two tone LED strip lights. Functionality of the controller includes 7 pre-programmed color changing modes, 9 DIY modes, static color options, as well as music and microphone control. Choose your favorite modes and play them in sequence, or activate the audio function for audio effects in real time reacting to the current color changing mode selected. This mini controller requires a wireless router to operate and is intended for homes or small business with only a few network devices. The manufacturer recommends that no more than 4 controllers be connected through a standard wireless router. Each WiFi Controller, 4 max, can be controlled as it's own device through the smart phone app. Please note that the controllers do not sync with one another and can only be controlled independently. Each WIfi LED Controller can control up to 3A x 4CH when using RGBW products or 3A x 3CH when using RGB products.

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