SR-2817WI DMX Master Controller, 8 Zones, Wifi Network Control

SR-2817WI DMX Master Controller, 8 Zones, Wifi Network Control

SR-2817WI DMX Master Controller, 8 Zones, Wifi Network Control

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Control up to 8 zones
Set 8 scenes at each zone.
Preset 10 changing modes, with pause function.
Control synchronously after installing software on iphone, ipad, android.
Enable to dim brightness of each R, G, B, W channel, in order to mix millions of colors.

Input voltage: 220 - 240V AC, or 12-36V DC (optional)
Input Signal: RF and Wifi
Output voltage: 12-36V DC
Output Signal: DMX512
Dimensions: 57 x 178 x 21
Control:  IOS/Android (may require alternative APP)

Click here to check the detailed manual of this  wifi dmx master controller

This DMX master controller controls LED Lights in 2 different ways:

  • Smartphone or Tablet: Control LED lights using software on your Smartphone or Tablet. Easy Color application is free. Search 'EasyColorPro' in app store.
  • Wireless Remote: Use the optional SR-2818 wireless remote for convenient lighting control.

This wifi dmx master controller is designed to connect your IPhone or IPad to your LED Lighting using the 'EasyColorPRO' LED App on the app store. The controls are simple and easy to use and can control up to 8 zones separately. The remote app is also able to save 8 eight static colours and chase modes (10 built in colour chase modes available) and is capable of controlling a 4th White channel which is useful if your purchasing LED products like our LED RGBW Flexible Tape Light 

The DMX Master has a built in WiFi transmitter therefore you do not need an external router to operate your LED lighting. Once the SR-2817WI Receives control information from your remote it converts that signal to DMX512 which can be received via our SR-2102B DMX Decoder using the appropriate 2 core + screen cable. The SR-2817WI also, like many of our receivers has a learning button for link up with the remote. This is used not only to pair the 2 devices but to assign which zone you would like the WiFi receiver to operate. 

The SR-2817WI is designed for medium - large installations such as Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants, Entertainment Centres, Hotels and large Businesses where DMX512 Decoders and lines of DMX signal cable is essential. 

Note: Please do not exceed the maximum output as this could cause the decoder to fail. All PSU's that supply these receivers must be fused with the correct fuse in place. A competent person must perform this installation.

Wiring Diagram:

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