WS2801IC (256 scales) digital RGB led strip, 5 meters(16.4Ft) ,DC5V

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32pcs 5050 RGB LED With 32paths driver IC inside to drive 32 pixels,Connecting with the controller can get more than 80 programs which are various color changing and almost magic effect.

Input voltage: DC5V 
Current: 3.2A
LED Qty:  32pcs SMD 5050 meter
IC Qty: 32pcs Ws2801 IC chips per meter
Wave length(NM):R-650mcd, G-520mcd,B-460mcd
Signal: WS2801 chip
View angle:120 degree
Life span: over 50000hrs
WaterProof: IP67 silicon tube
Packaging:5M/reel in antistatic bag

These ws2801 digital adressable led flexible strips have RGB LEDs spaced every 30mm - that's 32 LEDs per meter strip. Each LED is individually controllable via a SPI style interface. Data can be clocked in very quickly and amazing effects can be achieved very simply. Note, these strips cannot display patterns on their own, they must be connected to a controller like an Arduino or similar. A 1m strip is capably driven by the 5V supplied by Arduino. Each LED can be assigned a 24-bit color combination made up of red, green and blue.

These RGB strips can change any color/pattern with the use of a controller or via DMX, so you will need an SD Card Controller designed to control the 2801 chip or use standard DMX and a DMX to WS2801/WS2803 decoder.

These WS2801 digital intelligent led strips run on 5V DC so are better for short runs or with several feeds as voltage drop can be a problem on long runs. Pls click here to check our 5V power supplies. 

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