Ultra Slim 120/m WS2812C 2020 Digital RGB LED Strip, 4mm Wide, 5V, 1m

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WS2812C 2020 (2.0mm x 2.0mm) RGB LEDs, DC5V input, 120leds/m, 4mm wide. Each LED can be controlled by shift-registers.

LED Source: WS2812C 2020 RGB LEDs w/ Integrated Driver Chip
Working Input Voltage: 5VDC
LED Density: 120 leds/Meter Available
Pixels : 120/Meter
Power: 13W/m (max)
Grey scale: 256
Bits/color: 8-bits/color;total 24bit for RGB color
LED wavelengths: 630nm/530nm/475nm
Cuttable: every 3-LED segment is cuttable
FPC width: 4mm (120leds/m type)
Length: 1 m reel
Protection rate: Non-waterproof
Click here to check the datasheet of WS2812 2020 RGB LEDs with Integrated Driver Chip 

WS2812-2020 is an intelligent control LED light source. The control circuit and RGB chips are integrated in a package of 2020 component. Its internal includes intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit. Refresh Frequency updates to 2KHz, Low Frame Frequency and No Flicker appear in HD Video Camera, it improve excellent display effect.

These strips use the standard WS2812 communication protocol and can be controlled with any arduino using the FASTLED or NeoPixel library! The strip MUST be connected to power on both sides of the strip if you want all LED's to display full white @ 100% brightness due to strip resistance being high at this small size.

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