WS2821 DMX Address Writer for WS2821 LED Strip & Pixels

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Write channel address for the WS2821 LED driver IC and test the WS2821’s channel address.

The complete process for writing address are as followings:

1.Test new IC (this step is only recommended, not must do the test ,also it only have effect for the ICs who haven’t been written address,see details described later)
2.Write address (Tips:Address writer’s "DATA" port connect with WS2821 driver IC’s address input port "ADD" , WS2821’s data input terminal connect with ground, see details will be described later).
3.Power off for WS2821, then power on, write address successfully.
4.Address test (Tips:Address writer’s "DATA" port connect with DATA" port WS2821 driver IC data input "ADDi" , see details described later)
5.Programs and effect test (listed in factory production menu, only recommend, see details described later)

Pls check here to check the detailed instruction of this WS2821 address writer

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