12W High Power Red Blue LED Plant Grow Lights

12W High Power Red Blue LED Plant Grow Lights

12W High Power Red Blue LED Plant Grow Lights

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These lamps consist of 12 x 1watt high-intensity LEDs, 8 Red(660nm) + 4 Blue(460nm). They are designed to fit the colour spectrum required for plant growth. The lights are surrounded by a cast aluminium heat sink.

Size: dia 120x 130mm
Power: 12 W
Working environment: -20~ 60 Centigrade 
Lumens: 480 Lm
Storage condition: -40~ 85 Centigrade 
Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
Voltage: AC100-230V
Color: blue(460nm),red (660nm default, if need 630nm wavelength, pls contact us directly)
Lighting time per day: 10-16 Hours 
Lighting Area: 1 m ² ( 0.3m height ) 
Input current: 61m A 
Lux (centre ): 9000lux(24 inch height)
Height above the Plant: 0.5/0.8/1 m
Power factors: >0.9

The 12W LED lamps have a standard Edison scrrew base and when combined with the flexible clamp lamp give you unparalleled flexibility in how you can concentrate the light on exactly the parts of the plant that are required. Note: These lights are quite heavy & therefor when used with our clamp lamps, they may need extra support to keep them in place we supply 2 cable ties with each lamp in case you need them along with instructions.

These are high-quality LED lights specifically designed for growing plants, the aluminium heat sink will mean you get sustained output over the life cycle of the lamp. In some LED advertisements you will see that their life cycle has been rated at 80,000 hours, however at 80,000 hours the lamp intensity will have dropped to 50% the reality is that these lamps if treated correctly will maintain greater than 80% of their initial intensity for approximately 50,000 hours, the equivalent of burning a light for 18 hours a day, 365 days a year for 7.5 years.

Uses: One of these lamps can be used to grow a leafy plant eg Mint, Basil, Rocket, Lettuce. If you would like to grow a plant to flower & fruit eg tomato, then use two 12w/pot.?This is a whole new way of growing plants inside, no longer do you have to waste large amounts of power and light. 

Which LED grow light to choose:

If you are choosing to grow salad Greens like our Snow Pea, Field Pea, Wheatgrass, Cress, Mustard Sprouts etc, then I would suggest you use the 7w Blue light ie 6xB & 1xR, or the 7w White light, with its 6000k col.temp. it has a lot of blue as well as a mix of other frequencies across the visible light spectrum,?these will give you very good results needing 1 light per 1 or 2 pots(depending on height above the plants).

If you would like to grow greens that have a longer growing cycle like Rocket, Basil etc then I would suggest you use?either the 12w light, 1 per pot. Or you could start the plant off when it's very small with a 3w, then a 7w White LED light?and then add an extra 7w White if necessary.

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