250W Metal Halide DMX Fiber Optic illuminator

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Metal halogen 250W light source,it has much more powerful to fiber optic,it is the first choice for the place where require high brightness, like as Swimming pool, Large size ceiling, Garden or Chandelier. 250W light source only suitable 3mm bigger fiber optic. Owing its easy installation and convenient operation,anyone can do it under themself design and idea.

The illuminator comes with a 8 color changing wheel (white, purple, yellow, blue, green, orange, sky-blue and grass green) which are used in star ceilings. The illuminator has a power switch on the back. The illuminator can also be controlled with standard DMX512 signal control, master/slave control or audio control and has 26 preset programs.  Comes with remote control, which gives you the ability to cycle power on/off and to stop/start the color wheel.

Safety Instruction:

1. Make sure the Light Engine and Power Source have the same voltage.
2. Make sure the ground connection is well connected.
3. Keep out of rain or moist area to avoid shock hazards.
4. To change lamp, shut down and keep the Light Engine cooling down for 15minutes at least.
5. Keep at least 10cm spacing for fan ventilation at each side while installation.
6. Avoid to use at high temperature.
7. Keep ventilation

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