40 x SK6812 RGBW 5050 Digital Intelligent LED Ring

40 x SK6812 RGBW 5050 Digital Intelligent LED Ring

40 x SK6812 RGBW 5050 Digital Intelligent LED Ring

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Each PCB contains forty SK6812 RGBW digital addressable LEDs
Working voltage: 4 to 7V DC
Outer diameter: 132mm/5.20", Inner diameter: 116mm/4.57"
RGBWW (2700-3000K Warm White), RGBW(6000-7000K White) available

SK6812 RGBW are 5050-sized LEDs with an embedded microcontroller inside the LED. You can set the brightness and color of each R/G/B/W with 8-bit PWM precision (so 32-bit color per pixel). The LEDs are controlled by shift-registers and only 1 digital output pin are required to send data down. The PWM is built into each LED-chip so once you set the color you can stop talking to the ring and it will continue to PWM all the LEDs for you.

Simply wire your power supply positive line (4~7V DC) to Vcc, GND to GND and also GND on your control board - and the data pin from your control board to "In". If you are chaining the boards together, be sure to connect "OUT" on the first board to "IN" on the second - and so on.

Each board is equipped with a single data line with a very timing-specific protocol requiring a real-time microconroller with a 8MHz or faster processor such as an AVR, Arduino, PIC, mbed, etc. There are solder pads on the back for connecting wires or breadboard pins and two mounting holes for securing this board to many different surfaces. 

More information:
SK6812 RGBW datasheet
FastLED Arduino library
Using with Raspberry Pi

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