6 Conductor 12mm Strip to Wire Clamp on Solderless Connector

6 Conductor 12mm Strip to Wire Clamp on Solderless Connector

6 Conductor 12mm Strip to Wire Clamp on Solderless Connector

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No need soldering
No need wire stripping
Flame retardant
Suitable for 12mm wide 6 conductor led strip to connect to cable AWG22-18
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Color: Transparent with black base
Number of Pin: 6
Conductor cross-section: 0.35 mm²~0.75 mm ( AWG22~AWG18)
Wire diameter requirement(including insulation): Φ1.5 mm~Φ 2.1mm
Wire type AWG: 18-22#
Applicable wire type: Solid wire / Stranded wire
Connection hardware: High precision brass(Cu)
Voltage range: 0-36V
Maximum current: 5A
Working Temperature: -20°~+60°C
Shell material: Polycarbonate

This type of strip to wire connector not only achieve a rapid free welding connection, but no any length requirements to the layout of wire line.You can customize required length of the cable, gauge, insulation colour and wire core type (stranded or solid) and use wires of your preference per project requirements.

How to connect to LED Strips

On the strip side there will be sharp teeth sticking straight up where you need to slide the strip in. Make sure to lift up the clear plastic tab and slide the strip in as far as you can, making sure it is on top of these teeth. Once it is in as far as possible, click the tab down. The teeth should pierce up through the bottom of the strip and through the copper pads, making for a solid connection. No need to peel off silicone on waterproof strips! Makes connection with silicone still in place.

How to connect to Wire

Clipping wires into the connector is as easy as sliding wires in the grooves at the bottom of the wire side connector. Make sure the wire is in as far as it can go and clip the clear plastic tab down. The connectors are built to put pressure on the strips and wires so sometimes they are hard to click down. We suggest using flat nose pliers in order to lightly click the tabs down in order to make a secure and safe connection.

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