DMX Signal Amplifier (1 in : 8 out),  12V-24V DC

DMX Signal Amplifier (1 in : 8 out), 12V-24V DC

DMX Signal Amplifier (1 in : 8 out), 12V-24V DC

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DMX signal amplifier can re-output DMX signal whose voltage is normal after receiving DMX signal, it mainly use to extend DMX signal's transmission distance, increase the ability to drive DMX signal. Could be extended or assigned 485 signal.

Working temperature: -20-60 ℃
Supply voltage: 12-24V DC optional  
External dimension: 7.76"L x 4.0"W x 1.8"L
Net weight: 335g
Static power consumption: <5W
Input signal: one group DMX signal
Output signal: eight groups DMX signal

When running a DMX Signal cable in lengths over 1,000ft the signal can easily be distorted causing improper communication between the DMX Controller and the subsequent DMX Driver/Decoder. By using this DMX Signal Amplifiers the DMX signal can be extended up to an additional 500ft in eight different locations. Simply use an XLR3 type female plug for the DMX Signal Input and an XLR3 type male plug for the DMX Signal Outputs and any 500mA 12-24VDC Power Supply to power the unit and you will easily be able to extend and split your DMX Signal free of any signal distortion.

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