DMX to APA102 Decoder, DMX512 Input, APA102 Signal Output

DMX to APA102 Decoder, DMX512 Input, APA102 Signal Output

DMX to APA102 Decoder, DMX512 Input, APA102 Signal Output

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This DMX converter allows easy operating of digital LED stripes via DMX512 and offers an extraordinary broad voltage support from 5-24V.
This smart decoder also offers DMX-Out and can therefore be used in a master-slave-setup e.g. Setup is very easy managable via 3 buttons and a large multi-functional display.

Voltage: 5-24V DC
Pixel Protocols: APA102, SK9822
Voltage range: 5 - 24 Volts DC
Fused (user replaceable) mini blade fuse: 15 Amps (75 watts @ 5v / 180 watts @ 12v)
Connections: Input (V+; ground; DMX-In) Output (DMX-Out; V+; data; CLK, ground)
IP class: IP 20

This DMX SPI converter support for full pixel control (three DMX channels for each pixel) or macro mode that allows you to address an entire string of pixels with just three DMX channels. This is useful if you want to purchase pixels now instead of dumb RGB lights but only want to sequence using three DMX channels. It is also useful where you just don’t need the ability to address each pixel directly.

It has 26 built in holiday related sequences allow you to use the controller when you don’t have a DMX signal. This makes the controller useful for off-season uses or places where you just want the controller to perform a single function.

With fuctions of forward and reverse addressing, it allows you to address the pixel closest to the controller as your start channel (e.g. – 1,2,3 then 4,5,6) or to address the pixels starting with the last pixel as your start channel with DMX channels decreasing as they get closer to the controller. This is a very useful feature when you want have areas like the peak of a roof that starts and ends with separate controllers but you want contiguous DMX addressing over the entire length for easier sequencing.

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