EBOX-AP Wireless RF Signal Repeater

EBOX-AP Wireless RF Signal Repeater

EBOX-AP Wireless RF Signal Repeater

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This unit amplifies the RF control signal between the following items: WIFI-106, EX Touch panels and F4-5A receivers.

Input Voltage: 5~24Vdc
Wireless distance: 30 meters (eye to eye)
Wireless Signal: RF 2.4GHz
Working Temp.: -30°C~55°C
Dimensions: L55×W55×H21(mm)

It applies LT-BUS wireless communication protocol for wireless signal extension, it is not necessary to pair via its factory default setting, greatly ensures its stability and wide controlling area among LT-BUS wireless communication devices, removing the complex cabling procedure, to make it become more easier for new or retrofit installations.

It's pre-programmed to automatically pickup the control signal and boost it, no pairing required. Simply position if half way between the components which require a signal boost. Additional EBOX-AP repeaters can be added to create a mesh network if needed, pairing is then required.

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