Flexible Neon Sleeve Installation Instructions

LED Strip Silicone neon sleeve, as a kind of protective material to led strip, fabricated by the integrated silicone extrusion molding technology with ingress protection up to IP67 and good performance of resistance to salt water, chemicals, UV radiation, and fire.

Silicone led strip diffuser is a new bendable silicone led channel and is used for led strip lights lighting.

It is made of food-grade silicone material, environmentally friendly, odorless, long-term use will not turn yellow, can be arbitrarily bent, and flexible.

Waterproof to IP67, it can be used anywhere which is dry, wet, or splashed with water.

Because of its soft material, this silicone led profile can be cut according to any size, so as to meet the length requirements of different scenes, different ideas, and different artistic effects.

The flexible silicone LED channel system (integrated) is an excellent alternative to traditional LED aluminum channel profiles.

It has a more beautiful appearance, as well as a softer diffuse effect, making the decorative effect more atmospheric, and more tasteful.

Physicochemical Properties

Resistant against water, chemicals, UV radiation, and abrasion.

Non-toxic environmental protection, food-grade silica just like a baby pacifier.

Fire-protection rating V1.

Silica molecular structure stability ensures the coating is yellowing resistant and has no changes for many years.

Wide range of use

It is fully capable of under-cabinet and back-splash lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting.

LED silicone tube systems can be widely used in kitchens, wardrobes, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, closets, courtyards, bars, movie theaters, shops, parties, display windows, supermarkets, etc.

Meet the needs of most lighting projects.

The IP67 waterproof rating makes it an excellent lighting choice for both indoors and outdoors.

Product categories

LED strip silicone tubes to come in a wide variety of sizes and appearances to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

According to the luminous surface orientation, it can be divided into side-view, top-view, 270-degree, 360-degree views.

The neon flex tube has three color types: transparent, milky white, and black.

The inner diameter of the led neon tube has a very large number of sizes, which are used for various led strips with a width of 5/6/8/10/12mm.

The width of the led strip applicable to each casing will be found in the corresponding led silicone tube specific parameters.

Structure of led strip silicone tube

The silicone tube consists of 6 parts:

The main silicone tube body, the luminous body, the traction groove (led strip groove), the traction rope, the light strip window, and the anti-breaking plate.

1. As shown in the figure below, where the emitter is the main luminous part of the silicone led diffuser. The shape and orientation of the luminous body determine the beam angle of illumination of the neon strip light and the direction of the light.

2. The main silicone tube body is used to prevent light from spilling out from other directions and as the main supporting component of the tube light body.

3. The traction slot is also called the light strip slot and is used to accommodate the LED strip light.

4. The tow rope is made of pure cotton thread with high strength and high toughness, which can withstand very large pulling forces. Its role is to tow the led light strip into the silicone tube.

5. A light strip window is a viewport used to view led strip crop lines. Through the viewport, you can clearly see the cutting marks of the light strip in the sleeve, which is convenient for the cutting and installation of the neon led strip.

6. The anti-breaker is made of high-strength and high-toughness PC.

It does two things:

a. One is to provide greater strength and toughness for the silicone neon tube.

Because the led neon tube itself is made of silicone, the silicone body is easily stretched, and the silicone led channel is relatively thick, which is easy to be stretched and broken in the case of a relatively long silicone tube.

In order to prevent this from happening, high-quality silicone led strip diffuser will be equipped with anti-break plates in the silicone body to improve the strength and toughness of the silicone led channel.

b. The second effect is to reduce the friction when pulling into the strip.

When pulling the led strip into the silicone tube, if the length of the silicone tube is relatively long, then the friction between the inner wall of the casing and the strip is very large, it is more difficult to operate, and it is almost impossible to complete if the air compressor is not used to blow the air.

After adding the PC anti-breaking plate, the PC board is very smooth, compared to the silicone inner wall, this friction will be reduced a lot, even without the help of an air compressor blower, it is easy to pull the led strip into the silicone led channel.

Note: Each silicone LED channel has a white cotton thread inside it, which is used to pull the LED light strip into the silicone tube. The line is the same length as the silicone casing!

Precautions before installation

How to insert LED strip Light into the led silicone tube? (wear the casing)?

Before wearing the sleeve, we need to confirm the length of the two belts, the length of the led strip we used, and the length of the silicone sleeve.

Since the length of the led strip is determined by the minimum length that can be cut by itself.

Before the light strip is cut, it is necessary to compare the strip with the light strip at the place where it needs to be installed, and then find the top of the strip according to the actual situation.

The scissors hole is cut off, this is the length of the light bar, and then the silicone tube with the same length as the light strip can be cut.

Something you need to use during the operation is:

Step 1
Tie the traction line of the neon flex strip inside the flex silicone tube to the line of the led strip light.

Note: the line must be tied firmly to avoid falling off.

Step 2
The beaded side of the led light strip corresponds to the side of the lamp bead inside the silicone led diffuser bushing that is stuck in the slot.

Step 3
Then lay the led strip and the silicone sleeve bushing flat, and start to pull the led strip light slowly from the other side of the bushing until the led strip is pulled to the other side of the silicone tube bushing.

Note: if the length of the silicone sleeve used is less than or equal to one meter, the led light strip can be passed directly without the need to tie the traction line.

Step 4
Light up a test to see if the led flex tube works properly. If there is any problem, you can directly pull out the light strip, repair or replace it, and re-put it in.

Step 5
Run the neon plug over the light line and then push the silicone into the plug slot.

Step 6
Insert the plug at the end of the neon flex into the silica gel and install it on the neon sleeve.

Note: if the outlet mode of the light strip is waterproof joint or head, in this case, the wire shall be first passed through the plughole of the neon tube sleeve, then the wire shall be welded to the DC surface of the light strip, and finally silica gel shall be used to install the plug.

Key points of casing wearing:

1. The length of the led strip light must be measured carefully and the value must be accurate to ensure the best installation effect.

2. When pulling the light belt traction rope, be sure to put the light belt and the silicone tube straight without bending to ensure smooth penetration

3. Be sure to turn on the power to check whether the led light strip works normally after wearing the casing, so as to avoid unnecessary work.

4. Silicone gel should be full, pay attention to the plug around the wall, and wire through the hole should be made of glue, so as to avoid a long time off the plug.

5. After the plug is installed, make sure that the silica gel is fully dried before using the neon light belt to ensure that the plug is stuck firmly.

There are a lot of new products that are not listed here in time. So, if you don’t find the style you want, or are interested in new silicone diffuser products, please send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.