110V 120V high Voltage LED Strip Installation Guide

Step 1: 

1. Cut the Strip in required length
2. Clear main power cable with scissors and plers at the cut end , do not leave the cooper cable to have thread residue which may cause short circuit by touching + & - 
3. Prepare the front plug and right connect pin.
4. Please notice that the bridge diode 6-8M, enough for 50M 5050.
5. put the connect pin to the strip, please notice the sharp  point toward the strip.
6. Please carefully handle the connect pin insert, it shall touch the 2 main cooper cable, do not insert too much to the PCB, if that, the burn will occur because of serious short circuit.

Step 2: 

1. Seal the vacant space in the PVC strip with waterproof glue.
2. Get the pin toward the front plug, the flat point direction. 
3. please notice that the flat pin has +/- difference, if wrong, it will not work or burn, pull out with pliers, then change and plug again. 
4. Please do not insert too hard, otherwise, the pin may break the 2 holes or break thee connect pin, the front plug to make sure there is no cooper thread out, and no residue PVC,then short circuit and burn will occur. 
5. Please clean the connect pin,the front plug to make sure these is no cooper thread out,and no residue.



1. to make sure, it is well connected.
2. Trial to light it on, if not on, change the pin front and back direction, then it is on.
3. plug off to enter the next step of waterproof treatment.



1. the waterproof glue treatment at the pin end, and the strip.
2. also, fill glue at the in-wall and side wall, do not block the holes.
3. This shall be very accurate and careful operation, no residue, proper glue amount and accurate position.



Professional waterproof treatment; Careful handling, Basic engineering operation. 



1. Outside waterproof treatment.
2. Lighting on test again.
3. If not on, dissect and repeat the steps again until the light is on.
4. After on, leave the lighting on or off for 3-5 minutes, then it is solid.
5. For the middle connector and pins, the same operation as the front plug, the only difference is that there is 1 connection or 2 connections. 


Cautions in installation and operation:

1.All products installed are configured with our exclusive fixed cards to install and fix.
2.Installation must be firmly fixed, they cannot be flowing, swinging, or will cause fracture of the wire in light and burn it.
3. Power on the light for few minutes if the light is installed in cold weather and the light Will get soft, easier to bend, then you can power off and install. 
4. Do not beat lamps with a sharp object, use heavy pressure or hit the light.5. Only the same specification, voltage can be connected with each other at both ends of the same, cannot exceed the maximum length allowed.(normally less than 100 meters).

Operation special notice

1. Do not light on the whole roll until the whole roll is loosened linearly and unyoked open, otherwise the accumulated heat in short time will damage the PVC and may cause fire, very dangerous. 

2. If there is any loose connection at the connector or at the end caps, professional electrical connection and waterproof treatment shall be executed before lighting or trying to light on; all related operations shall be under the condition that power is off. If tiny lead wire is observed at the connection, please power off instantly, cut off the tiny lead wire, the re-connect, execute waterproof treatment, and then light on. 

3. During application in project after cutting, waterproof treatment is compulsory for the front connector, middle connector, end caps, we strongly advise 705 silicone glue to be used as the waterproof glue.

4. If possible, heat-shrink waterproof sheath tube is strongly advise for waterproof treatment at the joint or connection part, customer can find the heat-shrink tube in local market. 

5. During connection process after cutting, special attention shall be give to for the inserting connect pins that the 2-pin shall just touch the 2 main high voltage cables of strip; if hard to touch, you can slightly squeeze the strip closer for 2-pin to touch the main cable; but, do not insert too hard to cause PVC broken, if so, the main cable + and touches and causes short circuit, another possible problem is that the pins will directly touch the PCB which leads to short circuit too.

6. In case of improper operation, front plug/connector, or the front section is burnt (normally, only plug, bridge diode, or 1m strip burnt), do not worry too much, cut the front part of the strip 1M, replace the plug, then re-connect, the rest will still function without problem.