MiBoxer WL5-WP Hubless 5-in-1 RGB+CCT LED Controller, IP67 Waterproof

MiBoxer WL5-WP Hubless 5-in-1 RGB+CCT LED Controller, IP67 Waterproof

MiBoxer WL5-WP Hubless 5-in-1 RGB+CCT LED Controller, IP67 Waterproof

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Control five different light types: single-color dimming, CCT, RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT
IP67 waterproof construction
Control using a remote or using the MiBoxer App
Group multiple controllers together and operate simultaneously

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Input Voltage: 12v / 24v / 36v DC
Connectivity: RF & WiFi
Size: L185mm x W31mm x H87mm
Dimmable: No
Wireless Range: Up to 30 metres
Operation Frequency: WiFi-IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
Operating Temp: -20~45°C
Total Output: Max 20A
Output Max: 6A/Channel
Compatible With FUT089/FUT088/FUT092/FUT095/FUT096/FUT006/FUT007/B8/B4/T4/B3/T3/B2/T2/B1/T1/B0 2.4GHz Remote Control

Easily control an indoor or outdoor LED strip light using an RF remote or a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection. The waterproof IP67 controller is constructed with a PC plastic shell and reinforced strain relief to protect the internal elements from water intrusion. The controller has a 30m communication range with a synchronization function that allows multiple controllers to be controlled simultaneously. Group multiple controllers together to expand the communication range with the auto-transmitting function. Control individual lighting zones on one controller using a compatible remote control or using the MiBoxer app on your smartphone. For smartphone control or to use the controller with Alexa or Google Assistant, the controller must be paired with Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub. Compatible remote controls and Wi-Fi controllers are sold separately.

Using the "Set" button, the LED multichannel receiver can be adjusted to control single-colour LEDs, dual white (Tunable Colour Temperature LEDs), tri-colour (RGB LEDs), quad-colour (RGBW LEDs) and RGBW+CCT 12V or 36V LED products.

This multi channel receiver is waterproof and therefore is an ideal solution for enabling control over lighting in wet and damp environments such as pools, bathrooms, kitchens or outdoor areas.

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