75W/90W RGB DMX LED Fiber Optic Illuminator w/ Remote

75W/90W RGB DMX LED Fiber Optic Illuminator w/ Remote

75W/90W RGB DMX LED Fiber Optic Illuminator w/ Remote

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Standard DMX512 input agreement, set up by DIP switch
0 to 100% Dimming output, 256 gray scale
16 kinds of test mode, and 16 levels changing speed
RF remote controller
Solid aluminium body
Max capacity of 1100pcs 0.75mm fiber
Direct connection to 85-265VAC through a 24 VDC power supply.
28-key RF remoe control:static colorRed ,Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Pink, Ice blue) &  fade, jump & Adjust the  brightness or mode speed

Input: 85-265 VAC
Light Source: 75W RGB LED or 90W RGB LED
Color: RGB
Grey Level: 256
DMX : 3 channels( RGB)
DMX Connection: Standard 3-Pin XLR
Device Size: L280mm×W195mm×H80MM
Ferrule Inner Diameter: 29mm
Remote Type: Radio Frequency (RF)
Remote Size: 3.35” × 2” × .25”
LED Lifespan: 50,000 hours in ambient 25°C
Control: Remote and  DMX

Click here to check the detailed manual of this 75W DMX LED fiber optic lighting engine

How to Install Fiber to the Illuminator:

1. Align all the fiber head, fasten with tapes which have resistance temperature over 130 degrees centigrade.

2. Pass through the fiber to connector, fastening rotary tensioner. Make sure the fiber bunch could not move and each fibers must be in the same plane.

3. Cut the fiber bunch to flat surface by heat-knife or blade.

4. Make sure the fiber bunch head is smooth and clean, thus each fiber's light will be evenly.

5. Put through the whole fiber connector to fix ring of light engine. Fasten screw on the top of the fix ring.

Application Connection Diagram

DMX Control

RF Remote Control

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