48 Watt RGBW DMX512 LED Fiber Optic Illuminator

48 Watt RGBW DMX512 LED Fiber Optic Illuminator

48 Watt RGBW DMX512 LED Fiber Optic Illuminator

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 RGBW = Red, Green, Blue and White color of light 
22 Programs preset
8 dmx channels
New functional 15 buttons remote controller
LCD screen shows the program you choose
Max capacity of 1250pcs 0.75mm fiber
48 Watt consumption
48 Watt RGBW LED. Each color is 12 Watts.

110-240V AC input 
High efficiency LED light source.
Full spectrum of colors without use of color wheel.
Compact Design.
No electricity or heat at illumination point.
8 DMX channels:
CH1: RED, CH2: Green,
CH3: Blue, CH4: White,
CH5: Speed, CH6: Overall dimming,
CH7: Strobe/Built-in program speed,
CH8: Built-in program.

The projector is controlled by a radio-based 15-button remote control but can also be connected for DMX control. It has many programs for color switching but also built-in microphone for music control ie. the projector flashes in pace with music. It can display 7 fixed colors and is dimmable from the remote control. 

Click here to check the detailed manual of this 48W RGBW DMX512 LED illuminator

Applications Include:

Ambient lighting down light applications. Simply add lenses to the end of the stranded fibers and you’ve created a super efficient replacement for 3-4 40-50 watt bulbs
Architectural Lighting Applications: Light more than 50 ft of solid core fiber with neon like color! 
Under Cabinet Lighting for residential and commercial uses
Entertainment Lighting.
Fiber illumination.
Neon light replacement.
Indoor Illumination.

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